• 04-SEP-2017

Pinterest is female

Goodbye Tumblr, hello Pinterest: what can Lufthansa’s followers expect in the coming months? Benita Struve, head of the “Marketing Communication” department, discusses Lufthansa’s plans for social media.

Every firm listed on the DAX-30 index is on social media, Lufthansa being no exception. Why – because it’s what our customers expect?

Benita Struve: That’s not the only reason. Social media offers other advantages when compared to traditional marketing: we’re able to provide state-of-the-art customer service via Twitter. On Facebook and Instagram, we’re testing new storytelling formats, such as the “#Inspiredby Heimweh” campaign. And on Snapchat the younger generation in particular get a glimpse of our crews’ lives; whether behind the scenes, on board or underway at their destination. This is ideal for recruiting. Nowhere else can we be in direct contact with users and tell such beautiful stories – with print or TV advertising none of that is possible.

How does interaction on social media differ from traditional marketing?

Struve: Feedback is quicker and easily quantifiable, we receive it in real time and thus immediately see whether or not our content is reaching the right people. This isn’t just recorded in our tough KPIs, but also in the comments. In addition to this, we can also accurately gauge which customers to supply with what information, and when. Another advantage is that with smartphones, our customers can be reached wherever they are, and with social media, we can access new target groups.

What trends can we expect to see at Lufthansa? What new channels await us and which will we not use?

Struve: The trend is very much towards more powerful storytelling. Users want to be entertained and inspired – in a charming way. This fits well with our company, since we turn travel ideas into reality. At present, our target group is male and aged between 25 and 50, roughly speaking. We would like to reach female target groups as well, which is why next year we will be looking closely at Pinterest, a channel which is primarily of interest to women. We left Tumblr some time ago – the potential target group was too small. We also hardly use Twitter’s Periscope any more, since recently we have had very few events that absolutely had to be shared live.

What’s your own personal favourite channel – and why? 

Struve: Instagram! The platform has made major steps forward, particularly in the last year. What started off as an aesthetically-pleasing photo-sharing platform has been broadened with the addition of Instagram Stories and other great storytelling features. And Instagram’s user numbers – in Germany as well as elsewhere – demonstrate that more attention should be paid to this channel.


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