• 03-MAY-2017

  • News Release

Lufthansa and Fraport discuss growth and short-term cost reductions

As a result of the recent talks between Lufthansa and Fraport regarding short-term cost reductions at Frankfurt Airport as well as growth and a closer partnership in the medium and long term, the two companies are starting to find common ground. 

Among other things, the negotiations have resulted in progress between Fraport and Lufthansa regarding common growth goals and a more efficient and cost-effective processing of services. Continued talks will aim to enhance the partnership between the two groups in order to promote sustainable growth at the Frankfurt Hub.

Roughly 60 percent of the traffic at Frankfurt Airport originates from Lufthansa Group airlines. As a result, the envisioned, even closer cooperation between Fraport and Lufthansa has significant potential for synergies, such as a more efficient use of infrastructure or reduced costs. At the same time, joint projects will aim to tap additional sources of revenue and growth and improve the competitive position of the location.