• 21-JUL-2017

LH license plates are in demand

Historic vehicle from 1928 in front of Lüdinghausen castle

Strange, surprising, unexpected. Our discovery

Vehicle license plates with the letters LH in have been available again in Lüdinghausen in North Rhine-Westphalia since 2014. Mayor Richard Borgmann told the One editorial staff that over 19,000 vehicles in the districts of Coesfeld and Unna have been fitted with these plates in the last three years. “The demand is huge”, says the confessed Lufthansa fan. Flying has always fascinated him and the LH license plate connects him to Lufthansa.

And it’s not just the mayor who has a connection to Lufthansa, as this anecdote, which he personally wrote to Carsten Spohr, shows: The Managing Director of the Lüdinghausen-based company “The Kleffmann Group” arrived at Düsseldorf Airport late after getting stuck in a traffic jam. He asked a Lufthansa employee whether he could park his vehicle with the license plate LH-BK 1 in one of the parking spaces reserved for Lufthansa employees. To which the Lufthansa employee replied: “You’re driving a Lufthansa vehicle. What’s the problem?"