• 25-SEP-2017

La dolce vita

As a pastry chef, Mathieu Castex supports airlines in developing desserts to reflect their identity and brand. How does he do it? With a lot of creativity – and some very special tools

1 Digital thermometer
“The ingredients used in pastry baking are often sensitive. Their consistency depends to a great extent on the temperature. In controlling the temperature of coatings or cooking sugar, the temperature has to be spot-on.”

2 Potter’s wheel
“The constant turning allows me to garnish tartlets very precisely and decorate dessert plates.”

3 Portion cutter
“The portion cutter helps me to maintain standards. I can use it, for example, to divide large quantities of cake very precisely into portions.”

4 Laguiole pocket knife
“This pocket knife was made in my home town in France and used to belong to my father. It keeps me grounded and reminds me of the importance of tradition and roots – not just to me, but also to our customers and their passengers. This is especially true in the development of regional specialties.”

5 Balloons
“I am always on the lookout for innovations to give a dessert an unexpected form. For example, I do not automatically grate white chocolate. I sometimes also mold it into a balloon shape.”

Mathieu Castex, Executive Development Pastry Chef
Mathieu Castex works in the area of Culinary Excellence at LSG Sky Chefs where he is in charge of the development of pastry solutions for international airlines. As a member of the Global Culinary Leadership Team of the LSG Group, he also consults on pastry solutions for the entire group. Always looking for new forms and technologies, he loves the amount of creativity his job demands in order to improve a product and reinterpret classic dishes.