• 18-SEP-2018

A match for Munich


mytaxi and Lufthansa launch taxi-sharing service from Munich Airport into the city center

  • With mytaximatch, passengers can share a taxi via the mytaxi app 
  • Customers pay EUR 49 at the most for a trip into the city center
  • The new service will be available from September 19 for all passengers at Munich Airport
  • Lufthansa and mytaxi are launching an innovative mobility solution to make traveling less stressful and more cost effective

Taking a taxi from Munich Airport into the city center will be cheaper from Wednesday onwards, since mytaxi und Lufthansa are now offering all passengers a new taxi-sharing service. With mytaximatch, passengers and travelers can share a taxi into the city center of Munich with savings of up to 50 percent. Depending on the route and the traffic, the trip would normally cost up to EUR 90 or more. The departure point for joint mytaximatch tours is the taxi rank (P31) at Terminal 2.

Land, book a taxi, travel together and share the price of a journey 

With their new service at Munich Airport, Lufthansa and mytaxi are offering all passengers an integrated mobility solution that makes the last mile of the journey easier and, above all, cheaper. Initially the new service will be bookable for a three-month test phase. Booking is done with the touch of a finger on the mytaxi app. Before embarking on their journey, customers can choose to the “match option" and enter their destination address. mytaximatch then links up two passengers who have a similar destination and makes it possible for them to travel together. Each passenger may only have a maximum of two pieces of baggage so that the taxi ride isn´t too tight. At the end of each person’s route, the app calculates their individual price. This will never exceed EUR 49 in total, even if no suitable ride-sharer has been found. Even in the case of finding "no match", passengers still benefit from the price guarantee.

Partnership between two of the branch´s drivers of innovation 

The collaboration was initiated by mytaxi and the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH), the central digitalization unit of the Lufthansa Group. Gleb Tritus, Managing Director of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, explains, "Our goal is to extend the first-class experience that we offer travelers on Lufthansa flights along the entire travel chain. 

This also means creating a digital and seamless connection to the diverse range of mobility options available on the ground. mytaximatch is proving to be an innovative addition to Munich Airport's mobility portfolio. The new service appeals in particular to those passengers who would probably otherwise not have decided to take a taxi."

Johannes Mewes, Chief Product Officer at mytaxi, also sees the partnership with Lufthansa as an important and appropriate step: "This pilot project with Lufthansa represents a perfect match for mytaxi and the course of innovation that we are pursuing. Our new service at Munich Airport brings passengers to their destinations in a cost-effective, safe and more environmentally-friendly way. In the process, we will not be putting any new vehicles on the road but rather utilizing available capacity in a way that makes sense, using the shuttle principle." 

Alexander Mönch, mytaxi General Manager for Germany and Austria, adds: 
"With a product like mytaxi, we are offering our customers real added value. The taxi journey from the airport into the center of Munich will be more reasonably priced, allowing customers to plan in a better way, with a price guarantee and the usual mytaxi quality of service. We are convinced that mytaximatch will prove to be a highly attractive option for many passengers.”

mytaximatch is to be launched at Munich Airport in collaboration with Lufthansa on Wednesday, September 19. Lufthansa customers will receive all the information they need concerning the new service exclusively via the Lufthansa app and will be redirected straight to the mytaxi service. During the three-month test phase, Miles & More will be giving users a credit of 150 Premium Miles per matched journey – an attractive additional offer for all users who are already collecting miles with mytaxi and Miles & More.

About mytaxi
mytaxi was founded in June 2009 and was the first taxi app worldwide to set up a direct link between passengers and taxi drivers. With more than 10 million passengers and 100,000 registered drivers, mytaxi is Europe's leading taxi app. Since September 2014, mytaxi has been under the ownership of Daimler Mobility Services GmbH (part of the Daimler Group). In July 2016, mytaxi announced a merger with Hailo, the leading taxi app in Great Britain and Ireland – an important step along the route to becoming the largest taxi app in Europe. With over 500 employees in 26 branches throughout Europe, mytaxi now has operations in around 100 different cities. CEO of mytaxi is Eckart Diepenhorst.
Further information on www.mytaxi.com

About the Lufthansa Innovation Hub 
The Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) is the digitalization spearhead of the Lufthansa Group and links the world's largest aviation group with the relevant key players in the global Travel & Mobility Tech ecosystem. In this role, the activities of the Hub include the initiation of strategic partnerships between the Lufthansa Group airlines and relevant digital companies, while also developing new in-house digital products and services. Their activities always have a strict focus on the needs of travelers and an emphasis on the iterative validation of business model innovations, as well as close collaboration with serial entrepreneurs, investors, and existing start-ups. The head office of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub is in Berlin and, since mid-2018, they also operate from locations in Singapore and Shenzhen in China. In June 2018, the company was awarded the title of "Best Digital Lab in Germany" by the Capital business magazine for the second time in a row.


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