Worldwide Lufthansa Sneaker Day on Friday, August 24

  • On 24 August 2018, Lufthansa Group employees worldwide may wear sneakers to work.
  • This one-off event symbolizes the extra mile that the Lufthansa Group employees are walking together in this exceptional summer.
  • Crew members and ground staff in uniform may also wear sneakers on this special day.

Sneakers in the office? An increasingly frequent sight, and not just on ‘casual Fridays’. Lufthansa is no exception here, especially since the employee-exclusive limited edition Adidas sneakers in the new Lufthansa design became available. But sneakers and uniforms? That is what the customers of Lufthansa Group will be seeing on flights, at check-in counters and in many other areas on Friday, August 24. As a special symbol of the additional efforts this summer, Lufthansa has – for the first and only time – announced the Lufthansa Sneaker Day, to set a signal for employees and customers. During these weeks, all Lufthansa Group employees are often going an extra mile to give their best for our customers in spite of all the difficulties the industry is currently dealing with. And that is why, on August 24, Lufthansa Group employees in uniform can also wear sneakers while on duty, for one day.

Loosening of the uniform dress code for one day

Participation in the Lufthansa Sneaker Day is voluntary for the individual employee. There are also no rules for the sneakers – only a request for our colleagues in uniform: in white if possible, and preferably the Adidas sneakers with the new Lufthansa design. But other models and colors are also allowed, of course. A large number of Lufthansa Group companies are participating in the Sneaker Day. For instance, some of the crew members of other Lufthansa Group airlines will also be wearing sneakers on board on this day. Employees who are required to wear safety shoes for reasons of workplace safety may not take part in the event. 

Lufthansa Group’s flight operations management is supporting the Sneaker Day by loosening the uniform dress code for this specific day. The ground staff, flight attendants and pilots of Lufthansa will continue to be recognized by their uniforms and matching, elegant shoes going forward.