Training year 2022: 310 apprentices start at companies of the Lufthansa Group

  • 134 apprentices begin their training in Frankfurt
  • 1,880 flight attendants will be trained this year for the airlines of the Lufthansa Group and start in their new profession
  • Lufthansa's European Flight Academy with a new start for training prospective pilots

For 310 apprentices, vocational training at the Lufthansa Group will begin, with 28 classic professions at 16 different locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Lufthansa is also training the next generation of cockpit and cabin crews. The companies in the Lufthansa Group continue to be extremely appealing to applicants, as evidenced by the many thousands of applications that are received.

Trainee occupational fields range from hotel specialists to IT specialists, technical professions in the maintenance operations of the Lufthansa Group, and commercial specialists for freight forwarding and logistics services. There are also various dual courses of study and trainee programs. Most of the trainees will start their training in Frankfurt and Hamburg, with 134 located mainly in the Hessian metropolis. With around 34,000 employees, Lufthansa is the largest employer in Hesse.

The airlines of the Lufthansa Group are also recruiting junior cabin crew: for example, around 1,880 flight attendants will be hired in the full year 2022. 

There is also good news coming from the Lufthansa Group's flight school: This summer, the European Flight Academy began operations and several courses will begin this year with two-year commercial pilot training. With the resumption of the flight school, the Lufthansa Group remains committed to its own training of pilots on the basis of a high and globally recognized quality standard in the selection of candidates and the implementation of the training.

In addition to the offers for all with school graduation and students, the Lufthansa Group offers numerous other interesting jobs, especially at its various locations in Germany and throughout Europe. By the end of 2023, approximately 20,000 people are expected to find a new job in the Lufthansa Group.

Detailed information on entry-level opportunities and requirements within the Lufthansa, as well as much more information, can be found by interested parties at be-lufthansa.com. Or under LinkedIn and Instagram:

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