Start of the summer vacations in Hesse: Lufthansa recommends arriving at the airport in good time

  • Airline expects 76,000 passengers on first vacation weekend alone
  • Pre-check of Corona documents possible through Lufthansa Service Center
  • Frankfurt: Drive-through baggage drop-off now free of charge until the end of the vacations
  • From the airport to arrival: Health has top priority

Start of the vacations in Hesse: 76,000 people take off on vacation with Lufthansa from Frankfurt Airport on the first vacation weekend. With 192 destinations, the airline offers even more flight destinations from Frankfurt than in the summer of 2019 and, with more than 1,800 weekly connections, 55 percent of the connections from pre-Corona times, with a rising trend. At the same time, many states continue to require additional documents such as test or vaccination certificates. For this reason, Lufthansa recommends that its passengers obtain information in advance and arrive at the airport on time.

Those who are worried about not having the right certificates for the trip can have them checked by a Lufthansa Service Center on selected flights up to 72 hours before departure. These can include proof of tests, survived Covid-19 disease and vaccinations. Confirmations of digital entry applications can also be checked. This ensures in advance that the required documents are available. Lufthansa recommends that its guests continue to carry the original printed certificates with them on the trip, in addition to the digital proof.

Which documents are necessary and where Covid 19 tests can also be made for the return journey can be found on the Lufthansa website. For return travel to Germany, antigen self-tests using the video-ident procedure are now also accepted and can also be purchased online at lufthansa.com.

Online services

For a relaxed trip, Lufthansa recommends using the wide range of online services for check-in and baggage check-in. At Frankfurt Airport, passengers can check in their baggage free of charge at the existing drive-through from now until the end of the vacations. This is conveniently possible from 23 to two hours before departure, if required also directly combined with a drive-through covid test.

Planning your arrival and stay at the airport

To avoid long waiting times at the security checkpoints, you should also check in your hand luggage at the baggage machines if possible. For flights with very high occupancy rates, Lufthansa passengers receive a message by e-mail before departure that they can check in their hand luggage free of charge. Less carry-on baggage at the gate and in the cabin ensures smooth boarding and contributes to a punctual departure.

Lufthansa offers special services for families to start their vacation in a relaxed manner: Parents with small children can use the family check-in areas in Frankfurt. Lufthansa employees at the particularly family-friendly counters 65 to 68 in Hall A accept baggage and strollers. However, it is always advisable to reserve seats and use online check-in from 23 hours before departure.

Hygiene concept offers safety

Passenger health and safety is a top priority. A comprehensive hygiene protection concept, which the Lufthansa Group introduced at the beginning of the pandemic, continues to ensure safe flying. Both product and procedures along the entire travel chain were adapted to customer wishes and regulatory requirements. Ground and on-board procedures have been modified to reduce direct contacts. In addition, Lufthansa Group Airlines aircraft are equipped with so-called HEPA filters, which clean the cabin air of impurities such as dust, bacteria and viruses, making it comparable to that in an operating room.

Travelers are asked to inform themselves in advance about the applicable regulations. The mask requirement also applies to vaccinated and recovering persons.

Full booking flexibility

Those who are still planning a trip now can do so with the airlines of the Lufthansa Group without any worries. Full flexibility in rebooking options continues to apply. All airline fares can continue to be rebooked free of charge as often as desired until July 31, 2021, if the rebooking is also made by then. After that, passengers can rebook their ticket one more time free of charge. The newly booked flight can be within the entire ticket validity up to one year in the future. The route can also be changed at will, depending on availability.