Preliminary results for the second quarter of 2022: Lufthansa Group returns to profitability and reduces net debt


The Lufthansa Group significantly increased its revenue in the second quarter of 2022 and generated an operating profit.

On a preliminary and unaudited basis, the Group more than doubled its revenue compared to the previous year. It amounted to approximately 8.5 billion euros in the second quarter (previous year: 3.2 billion euros). The Group's Adjusted EBIT was between 350 and 400 million euros (previous year: -827 million euros). The Group benefited from a continuously strong performance at Lufthansa Cargo. Lufthansa Technik achieved a similarly high result to the first quarter. The result of the Passenger Airlines improved mainly due to a strong rise in yields and a significant increase in loads. Seat load factors were particularly high in premium classes. Despite a positive result at SWISS, however, the Adjusted EBIT of the Passenger Airlines segment remained negative.

The Lufthansa Group achieved a significantly positive Adjusted free cash flow in the second quarter, mainly due to the operating profit and the persistently strong demand for bookings. On a preliminary and unaudited basis, the Adjusted free cash flow amounted to around 2 billion euros (previous year: 382 million euros). Net debt is expected to decrease by a similar amount in the second quarter (March 31, 2022: 8.3 billion euros).

The Group will present its final quarterly results on August 4, 2022.