Mobile check-in possible again on many flights

  • EU vaccination certificates now digitally verifiable
  • Automatic issuance of boarding pass now possible on all weekly 2000 flights from non-risk areas of the Schengen area

Lufthansa is once again offering its passengers a more convenient check-in process. On all 2000 weekly flights from non-risk areas of the Schengen area (currently from Spain, Italy or Sweden, for example) to Germany, travelers can once again have their boarding pass issued directly on their smartphone when checking in. This is made possible by the automatic and digital verification of EU vaccination certificates, which prove full vaccination protection, and Covid-19 test results from the Centogene laboratory.

During mobile check-in, the QR codes of the paper certificates can now be scanned and thus checked quickly and conveniently. This means that the digital boarding pass can be issued and an additional document check at the check-in counter at the airport is no longer necessary.

But the same applies to many other flights: anyone who is concerned that they do not have the right certificates for the trip can have them checked by a Lufthansa Service Center up to 72 hours before departure. These can be proof of tests, a survived Covid-19 disease and vaccinations. Confirmations of digital entry applications can also be checked in this way. Thanks to new digital solutions, the check is now partly automatic and therefore much faster, also at the Service Center.

The airline advises its guests that in addition to the digital proof, the printed original certificates must still be carried on the trip until further notice.

Which documents must be carried and where Covid-19 tests can also be made for the return journey can be read here lufthansa.travel-regulations.com.