Lufthansa shareholders approve every agenda item at this year’s Annual General Meeting


Around 1.400 shareholders attend the Lufthansa Group shareholder meeting in Hamburg

The activities of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board in fiscal year 2016 have been formally approved by a large majority of shareholders. 

The shareholders approved the recommendation of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board to pay out a dividend of 0.50 EUR per share. This translates to a total payout of 234 million euros and a dividend yield of approximately 4.1 percent, based on the 2016 closing price of the Lufthansa share. Since 2016, shareholders also have the option of having their dividends paid out in Lufthansa Group shares. The dividends will be paid out on 6 June 2017. 

The shareholders have also voted to reappoint PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH as annual auditor and Group auditor for fiscal year 2017. This also includes any audits that may be required during the year.

A total of five agenda items were up for a vote in the Annual General Meeting. The company’s shareholders approved all of them by a large margin. 

Detailed information on the Annual General Meeting is available at investor-relations.lufthansagroup.com​