Lufthansa introduces mandatory mask and nose protection on board starting 8 June

  • Safety of customers and employees is top priority
  • General Conditions of Carriage (GCC) will be adapted accordingly

As of 8 June, Lufthansa will be changing its GCC to require passengers to wear mouth and nose protection:  Article "11.7 Obligation to wear a mask" will be adapted to include some of the following points:

In order to protect the health of all persons on board, you are required to wear mouth and nose protecting while boarding, during the flight and when leaving the aircraft. This obligation does not apply to children up to the age of six years old or to persons who are unable to wear a mask due to health reasons or because of a disability. The mask may be temporarily removed for consumption of food and beverages on board, for communicating with the hearing-impaired, for identification purposes and for other necessary purposes that are incompatible with wearing mouth and nose protection. To cover the mouth and nose, so-called everyday masks made of fabric and medical masks can be used.

This change initially applies to Lufthansa, Eurowings and Lufthansa Cityline. All other Lufthansa Group airlines are currently examining whether they will also be adjusting their GCC accordingly.

The Lufthansa Group airlines have been asking all passengers to wear a mouth and nose cover on board their flights since 4 May. Furthermore, the company recommended that they be worn during the entire journey, i.e. also before or after a flight at the airport, whenever the required minimum distance cannot be guaranteed without any restrictions. In the interest of the health of customers and employees, by introducing the mask requirement into the GCC, it is clearly underlined that wearing a mask is mandatory for all passengers.