Lufthansa Innovation Hub starts RYDES mobility app

  • Europe's first reward program for all urban mobility services as well as air, rail and bus travel between different cities
  • Eurowings and the carsharing provider MILES support the launch with their own mobility challenges and rewards
  • The RYDES app is now available for iOS and Android

In cities around the world, people are gradually abandoning their own cars and opting for new mobility offers they can conveniently book via smartphone and app. Depending on what they need and when they need it, people are spontaneously hiring cars, bicycles, eScooters, taking the tram, or hailing a share taxi. Longer distances are covered by train, bus, or plane. What matters most is flexibility.

Under the motto "Loyal to the way you move," the Lufthansa Innovation Hub is now launching RYDES, a reward program that offers perks for this new way of getting around. It is the first app in Europe to reward points for each journey with a digitally bookable mobility service. These include car sharing bike sharing and eScooter sharing services not to mention public transport busses and trains. Kick scooters will be added soon.

"With Rydes, we are launching a whole new type of loyalty program that does not reward loyalty to a type of transport and thus reacts to the changing mobility behavior of parts of the young, digital-savvy generation. With RYDES, we are testing a new program that stands out in three key ways: It works for all mobility providers, it is 100 percent digital, the rewards are curated for the target group and can be redeemed transparently and very easily," says René Braun, RYDES project manager at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

Collecting and redeeming points for rewards works directly via the RYDES app: Users scan their digital tickets and RYDES books the points for each trip to their personal points account. From there these can be redeemed for various premiums. In addition to free minutes with mobility partners, there are vouchers with the reward partners Eurowings, Amorelie, Tinder, ABOUT YOU, and Amazon, discounts for fitness memberships, or a quick free coffee on the way to work. 

Users can also collect additional points via mobility challenges. In the "Up-in-the-Air Challenge," users are rewarded with an instant reward if they upload a flight ticket from Eurowings, easyJet, or Ryanair. In the "Transporter Challenge" MILES rewards the booking of a rental van with 1000 extra points. Seven additional challenges benefit entirely different types of mobility – from environmentally friendly driving to intercity travel.