Commitment for seven new projects

  • help alliance strengthens commitment in home markets
  • Aspects of climate and environmental protection gain focus alongside the main thematic areas of education and work & income
  • Aid organization of the Lufthansa Group makes important contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Despite the massive impact of the Corona pandemic, help alliance is able to support new projects this year. The Lufthansa Group's aid organization reacted quickly to the changed situation, among other things developed new digital fundraising formats and thus secured a stable financial situation. This now makes it possible to support seven new projects, five of them in Europe and two in Africa. As it has always been the case, the projects were selected from suggestions by Lufthansa Group employees and will henceforth be supervised by them as voluntary project coordinators together with the respective partner organizations.

With its work, help alliance makes an important contribution to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) "Quality Education" (SDG 4) and "Decent Work and Economic Growth" (SDG 8). In terms of environmental education, the project work is now increasingly focusing on aspects of climate and environmental protection (SDG 13).

"For us as an aid organization, it was anything but easy to be able to support almost no new projects because of Corona in 2020. We are even more pleased that we can now expand our support, especially with a focus on Europe. Many thanks to all those who have supported us with a donation even in these difficult times or will support us in the future.", says Andrea Pernkopf, managing director of help alliance

The new projects of help alliance at a glance

Berlin: Digital Future for Everyone
The project supports socially disadvantaged people with an affinity for digital professions in their integration into the German labor market. This is done, among other things, by strengthening soft skills and preparing for possible job interviews.

Hamburg: Inclusion rocks for Everyone
In this project, young people with Down syndrome are supported in their social and emotional development in the long term by means of a continuous music program oriented to their age and developmental needs.

Frankfurt: Education and Music on Wheels
The music and art activities offered by this project provide children and young people from all social backgrounds, nations and religions with access to creative educational and cultural opportunities.

Frankfurt: Integration of Refugees in the Job Market
Refugees receive targeted support with workshops, mentoring, and counseling to help them prepare for entering the labor market and with job placement.

Budapest, Hungary: Digital Afternoon School for Children
Children in Budapest receive support in the area of digital learning in an after-school program. The project will start in fall 2021.

Johannesburg, South Africa: Upcycling and Creative Learning for Children and Youth
Around 25 children and young people from the townships are given extensive support in the project in Johannesburg through workshops and other activities. Special focus is placed on sustainability, waste avoidance and healthy nutrition.

Arusha region, Tanzania: Preschool Education for Street Children
In this educational project, street children and orphans, as well as children from socially disadvantaged families, receive a variety of educational opportunities in preschool that prepare them well for primary school.

By continuing and expanding its commitment, help alliance is underlining the need not to lose sight of its social commitment even in the current crisis, but to strengthen it in the best possible way. Further information on the new projects can be found at www.helpalliance.org

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About help alliance
help alliance is the central corporate citizenship pillar of the Lufthansa Group. As an internationally operating company and part of the German and international community, the Lufthansa Group takes responsibility for current social challenges beyond its actual business activities. The non-profit organization currently covers more than 40 projects worldwide, which provide access to education for disadvantaged young people and enable them to lead successful, healthy and self-determined lives. In addition to the focus on high-quality education (SDG 4), help alliance particularly promotes vocational training measures and entrepreneurial approaches in the area of work and income (SDG 8). In recent years, around 150 projects have been supported. The project contents of help alliance are based on the standards of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations for 2030. The projects are funded solely through donations. For further information and donation opportunities, please visit www.helpalliance.org