• 07-APR-2017

  • News Release

Making a big difference with small amounts

Help Alliance

That's the principle behind Payroll Giving. Lufthansa is the ninth of 30 DAX companies to introduce the voluntary donation scheme

Around 70,000 employees in the Lufthansa Group’s joint accounting system can now join the voluntary donation scheme in a first step. The desired amount is then automatically deducted from the net salary and transferred to help alliance at the end of the month. Whichever option an employee chooses from the five available, be it the spare cents donation or the maximum amount of 15 euros, the donation will help improve the prospects of people around the world.

"What's important about Payroll Giving is not the donation amount, but rather the sum of participants. The more employees join the scheme, the more of a difference we can make together", says Bettina Volkens, Chief Officer Corporate Human Resources and Legal Affairs, and Jürgen Jennerke, Chairman of the Lufthansa Group Works Council. Lufthansa is the ninth of 30 DAX companies to introduce the voluntary donation scheme.

About help alliance
As an internationally active group and part of the German and international community, the Lufthansa Group assumes responsibility for current social challenges that go beyond its actual business activities. This is done through its charitable organization help alliance. "Closer to the world. Closer to its people." This is the mission statement of the socially committed employees of the Lufthansa Group. Under the umbrella of help alliance, around forty aid initiatives are being supported all over the world, providing young people with access to education and enabling them to lead a self-determined life. The projects are financed exclusively through donations. For each project, employees bear responsibility on a voluntary basis, and always in cooperation with competent local partners with many years' experience in development cooperation. In its work, help alliance can rely on the power of the Lufthansa Group: Be it flight services, transport capacities, expertise or the global commitment and network of around 120,000 employees. And most importantly of all, your donation goes exactly where it is urgently needed – safely and quickly. More information, go to www.helpalliance.org​​