2017, the year of Digitization

Digitalization has not only changed our way of living and our private consumption habits, it has also been a formative force in strategic development and in the design of business processes for a long time now.

This also applies to the airline industry, where digital options are changing the range of products and services offered. This trend leads to disruptive innovation and opens up an entire universe of possibilities, inviting us to look at existing structures in a new light, and enabling us to break new ground – with a view to the customer experience, but also in our business areas.

10 January 2017

Digital Aviation Forum 2017


Innovation Drivers

Internet on Board

Innovation Drivers

Lufthansa Innovation Hub

7to1 – Our way forward

Innovation and digitalization

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16 digital innovations

Digital Aviation Forum 2017

Carsten Spohr

Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO
Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Jeff Jarvis

… a man who describes himself as “addicted to doing new things” and who sees the internet as the ideal place and space to do just that. He is a journalist and blogger and teaches at the ‚Graduate School of Journalism’ at the ‘City University of New York’. Some of you may know him as the author of the book “What would Google do?”

Chris Boos

… an explorer, researcher and founder. A man who has dedicated the past 15 years of his professional life to research in artificial intelligence. He drives his dream from Frankfurt, but has earned himself a name in the global arena. His work is on the radar of Google and the likes and he is increasingly the one setting the pace